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10180 Annual course for sending all Nikoli books

42,000 JPY

About shipping cost

  • Start in May 2024

    42,000 JPY

  • Start in April 2024

    42,000 JPY

For one year, we will send all puzzle books about 30 published by Nikoli. However, some books may not be sent due to the high price. It contains several puzzle books that cannot be solved without understanding Japanese. ------- Prices increase starting from October 2023. This is due to the increase in shipping costs. 開始月から1年間に発行されるニコリの新刊を、すべて1冊ずつお送りします。高価格本等、対象外とさせていただく場合があります。 ※2023年10月より、料金を改定します。 これは配送料の値上がりによるものです。

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